Head of UOS: Angela Agostiano
Administrative manager: Rag. Federica Talpo
Economo: Dr. Maria Teresa Molfetta
Vicar of the Head of the protocol service: Rag. Federica Talpo
Protocols: Rag Federica Talpo
Dr. Maria Teresa Molfetta

Safety organization chart

UOS Security Delegate: Prof. Angela Agostiano
Competent doctor: Dr. Mauro Carino
Head of Prevention and Protection Service: Tiziana Rafaschieri
Representative of Workers for Security: Gioacchino Carella
Contact person for the connection with the SPP: MALLARDI Antonia
Managers / Managers for individual laboratories:

COMPARELLI Roberto, LAB. 105 (Chemical Laboratory)
TROTTA Massimo, LAB. 134 (Instrumental Lab)
MILANO Francesco, LAB. 117 (Chemical Laboratory)
FINI Paola, LAB. 114 (Chemical Laboratory)
STRICCOLI Marinella, LAB. 135 (Lab. Instrumental) and LAB. A 10 (Lab. Microscopia) at the branch office at TECNOPOLIS in Valenzano (BA)

Responsible for the Internal Carcinogens Registry: COMPARELLI Roberto
Laser Safety Technician (TSL): STRICCOLI Marinella
Census Employee: MOLFETTA Maria Teresa
First Aid, Fires and Emergency Management Officer: NUZZO Sergio
First aid workers:
COMPARELLI Roberto (relative to the branch office at TECNOPOLIS in Valenzano)
Charged for the regular keeping and updating of the Accident Register: Federica TALPO
Appointed for periodic verification of first aid equipment: Sergio NUZZO
Charged with proceeding to challenge any violation of the smoking ban: Federica TALPO